The Daily Grind: What MMO accomplishments are you proud of?

The Daily Grind: What MMO accomplishments are you proud of?

I was joking around with one of my friends in Final Fantasy XIV the other day as she mentioned that she didn’t think she had it in her to go through the MSQ a third time. We shared a chuckle about that, since at the time I was on my seventh character to bring through the Heavensward MSQ; all of my characters had already gotten through the base questline and the subsequent patch quests, and this character was the last one I needed to bring through the first expansion’s storyline.

This seems like it should be some sort of accomplishment, even though it’s not really commendable. It’s like getting a member of every race in World of Warcraft to the level cap; time-consuming and not easy, but also not something that is actually an achievement so much as a personal mark of accomplishment. A self-created project, in short. So what about you, readers? What somewhat pointless accomplishments are you proud to cite when it comes to MMOs? Having played since beta? Leveling things on a lot of alts? Crafting every item in a crafting profession?

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Tempus Thales

My fondest memories have always been playing with Goon Squad on World of Warcraft, Horde in Mal’ganis. Some of them include:

• Being part of the crew that carried out the kidnapping of the flight masters in World Of Warcraft, and coming up with the idea to held them hostage in exchange for Lightbringer Belts.

• Participating of the Summoning Bug in Vanilla World of Warcraft where we would summon players into thin air, using the zero pixel bug. (

• Finding the GM Island in Mal’ganis.

• Kiting the AQ40 mobs into the Crossroads

• The bombing of Ironforge… (

Zen Dadaist

There’s been tons of them over the years, like server firsts, soloing a bastard-hard encounter and last-man-standing taking down the final boss of the raid etc. But while they were exhilarating at the time I find that now all these years later I barely remember them. Screenshots and some vague memories are all I have left of the experiences.

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Not so much pride but I do have some fond memories.

SW:TOR – Main raid team was Pub side, on a lark we decided to do an Imp side Scum & Villany run including mixing up the roles. Forget if I was main or off tank (think it was main). We went in figuring we’d just have a bunch of laughs and give up after two hours. We not only finished it we smoked it. Hah, almost forgot. After running S&V in HM for so long, going into SM and wondering where the birds were on the first boss, lol.

Wildstar – TCO’s first System Daemons kill. I should mention our Avatus kill but that was more relief than any sort of a sense of accomplishment. The best was our ad-hoc Limbo kill when somebody accidentally started the fight.

EVE – Deciding to leave. I just can’t deal with the sociopaths that game attracts as players and especially as employees.


“World Renowned” in Lotro. Max rep with 11 specific factions. I wear that title every day. I used to wear the fishing titles exclusively, having finished all of them. My favorites were “The Complete Angler” and “Lord of Streams” a wonderfully ambiguous title that makes me giggle more than it should.


Like a lot of others, the accomplishments I’m proud of are pretty standard – clearing raids, being good at PvP, min-maxing my toons. I’m usually mostly just proud that I’m good at games – I spend a lot of time investigating mechanics and understanding them extremely well, and then passing that information on.

I am really proud of the guild I used to lead. I started out as a casual, got hooked so 3 months later I was raid leading. Turned out I was quite good at it and managed to foster an environment that was not only successful, but still a lot of fun to do. A personal high point was following 3 months of hard work on raid leading and recruitment, I’d gotten our guild from a barely-raiding status to being able to field 2 full raids of players and have both be successful.


A fully spec’d 700 point character (including 100 in magic resistance) in Ultima Online.

Second would be unlocking Jedi in SWG before it has handed out to everyone.


Getting my wizard epic in EQ when it was still epic!

Roger Edwards

Creating a character in LOTRO called Winton of Dale. Seemed rude not to.

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The closest thing to that, for me, is learning how games work “under the hood”.

For example, I spent most of the weekend playing Subnautica, but my “serious” savefile has only two hours of progression; most of my time was spent doing experiments in Creative mode figuring out how the game works, as well as doing silly suicidal experiments in throwaway Survival saves.