Blade & Soul previews Nova Core PvP battleground, new Call of the Deep patch video


Will you heed the Call of the Deep in Blade & Soul when it launches February 7th? If you do, it might be for the new 6v6 battleground on the way. It’s called Nova Core, and it’s not your average PvP matchup.

“Nova Core is a large 6v6 battleground where you’ll work with your team to guide massive orbs of energy, known as Pulsars, towards your own ‘Gateway’ to gain points,” NCsoft explains. “There are two main paths leading to each team’s goal from the center point, and throughout the battle Pulsars will spawn in the center and travel along a path towards either Gateway. The key to guiding the Pulsars to your Gateway lies at the three Switches along each path. […] This being a battleground, the added difficulty of course comes in the form of players entering combat to stop Switch changes, misdirecting away from their own changes, and racking up the points that come from kills.”

The studio also released a new patch preview video at the tail end of last week; we’ve tucked it down below. Who’s excited?!

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So, another Battle Ground. Cool. I’m not super excited though because battlegrounds unlike arenas are not level set PvP. And what that means is that whales dominate because they can pay to win.

BnS, doesn’t have a huge problem with p2w generally. Arenas level set gear and dungeons mechanics level the playing ground in PvE. But battle grounds are another story, and in order to compete with those whales you have to spend money. There is no way around it.

So, I look forward to Nova Core. And it will be fun to jump in there and play a bit. But most people don’t stay because of the disparity between players even if the rewards are good.

The real highlights with the content drop this week are in the reductions and new upgrade paths in legendary gear, and the acquisition of new gems and sacred oils. For the uninitiated, that means easier progression at end game, and new levels of game play.

So, Looking forward to it!


9 tailed Lynn gunners or go broke! >.<