Saga of Lucimia discusses running after your corpse when you die in a pit


Show of hands, readers: How many of you have had great fun dealing with corpse runs, trying to retrieve your gear from the spot where you died using substitute gear that’s less useful than the stuff that couldn’t keep you alive the first time? Those of you who raise your hands will be happy to know that Saga of Lucimia is going to feature all of the corpse runs you could hope for, sending you trundling into the dungeon in the desperate hopes of retrieving your body and your gear after you die. But since there are no levels, you won’t lose experience points.

Of course, you have chances to get picked up before then; hopefully one of your friends will revive you from where you fell (since you probably aren’t traveling along anyway) and you can always ask friends to help recover your body without forcing you to respawn. There’s also talk about having other stopgap solutions like in-game goblins willing to drag your body into more accessible areas for a hefty price. Still, the long and short of it is that you should expect to have death mean some pretty inconvenient runs back to your body.

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