World of Warcraft Classic progresses: ‘This is the right decision’


Desperate for some World of Warcraft Classic news now that the BlizzCon high has faded? Forbes has an interview up with Blizzard Executive Producer J. Allen Brack and Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel that at least touches on the challenges that lay ahead in bringing a legacy server to the gaming population.

The two don’t mince words about the technical challenge, but say that there is a plan to minimize the complexity of such a project and move forward. The studio said that “lots of decisions to make” and many things to do, such as to partner with the community and get feedback about the formation of Classic.

Brack emphasized that Blizzard wants to structure this so that it will not be managing two MMOs at the same time. He said that headaches aside, it’s a project worth pursuing: “We’re convinced, through the desire of those folks, the desire of our internal folks, and the desire to preserve what WoW was, that this is the right decision.”

Meanwhile, Blizzard may be targeting one World of Warcraft legacy emulator for an eventual shutdown. A DMCA takedown request was filed against the Light’s Hope project on January 25th, citing that the game’s spell tables and field names were identical to the original World of Warcraft data. There seems to be some debate over the legitimacy of this action, and so far, it hasn’t stopped the game’s population from logging on to all three servers.

Light’s Hope was born out of the Project Elysium controversy that took place last October.

Source: ForbesTorrent Freak. Thanks Cotic!
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