ARK Survival Evolved grants amnesty to players exploiting a bug since 2015


Hey, ARK: Survival Evolved cheaters! Your doom is nigh!… actually no your doom has been postponed, chiefly because so many people are cheaters, or at least are affected by them.

This morning, Studio Wildcard revealed it has uncovered and fixed an ancient and widespread exploit, in use primarily on the official PC servers since 2015. It necessitated an “immediate” patch earlier today. But it won’t be bringing with it the bans and punishments exploiters deserve, as the company says that would damage “the health of the game and the official servers.”

“Under normal circumstances, such an exploit would deem a global tribe wipe, and a comprehensive ban for all players involved from our Official Network, as well as BattlEye-protected servers,” Wildcard says. But…

“On this occasion, we have decided that we will be providing a one-time amnesty to everyone involved; this means that no one will be banned or wiped, as the impact of the action would have been too widescale and have a significant effect on our Official Servers. For those who took advantage of the exploit, whether your motivations were malicious, or to put yourself on even grounds, it ends now with a chance of redemption. Please note that this is just a one-time situation, and in the future, we will continue to be heavy-handed versus those who have been proven to play unfairly.”

You know what else damages “the health of the game and the official servers”? Yeah, you do. It was a rhetorical question.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Tanek!

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What I find amusing is that, with wildcard staying quiet on the actual exploit, people are going to reddit and the forums with their speculations and revealing all sorts of exploits they have known about for a while. It is like that trick that I thought only worked on TV shows where you pretend to know what someone did in order to get them to confess.


It necessitated an “immediate” patch for an exploit that has been used since 2015. Yeah, right.


An 8 gigabyte patch at that… yeah might be time to kick this off the hard drive…

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So out of interest does anyone know what the exploit was or what it allowed you to do?


They aren’t saying, but I think it was a duping exploit that allowed you to copy items. This has been abused on official servers since the game’s launch into early access.