Armored Warfare trundles into early access on PlayStation 4

Oh, that's what tanks look like.

Tragically, the PlayStation 4 suffers from what we in the industry call a “tank gap,” which is a made-up metric that entirely relies upon how many different games you can play in short order that involve you hopping in a tank and blowing things up. But Armored Warfare is here now to shore up that tank gap by giving you… well, itself. It’s playable in early access on the console. You can blow things up with a tank.

Purchasing a founder’s pack gets you a two-week headstart on early access, along with all of the other items included with the founder’s pack. (Special tanks, special currency, you know how founder’s packs work by now.) If you need some screenshots and a trailer to get you properly excited, though, we’ve got those for you as well just past the break. Finally, the tank gap will not go unaddressed.

Source: press release
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Melissa McDonald

Did World of Tanks never come out on PlayStation? It’s quite popular on Xbox. I have a friend who plays that and no other game. You can’t talk him into playing anything else. He likes to get a little soused and starts yelling “CALLING ALL TANK COMMANDERS!” at top volume. He claims his cat is his driver, gunner, or radio operator randomly during the battles and yells at her. It’s quite comical, but that’s how much he enjoys the game. I like it also, but I can’t ever get used to a gamepad after using keyboard and mouse for so long, I play WoT on PC.

John Mclain

Weird, this game is completely dead on PC, I tried to redownload it last week and spent 30minutes in queue, gave up, and uninstalled it. It’s dead as dead can get.


Yeah i tried downloading it again as well, and can confirm – completely dead. Not a single soul in queue. It’s a shame, in many ways i enjoyed it more than WoT..


Yep. It died out when pulled it away from Obsidian and gave to one of their in house dev teams. It didn’t get proper support and withered away. Last time I checked, there were exactly 9 players in the PvE queue and none of them were in the same level bracket so the queue never popped. I didn’t bother reinstalling when I switched to a new PC. Armored Warfare on PC is done.