Closers launches on Steam as Tiamat raid update goes live

[AL:Clo]Happy official Steam launch day, Closers Online! The episodic anime MMO’s Steam rollout is accompanied this week by a brand-new mega patch to boot.

“The Closers Launch update introduces the Dimensional Ops Center, where you can earn the most powerful gear in the game and challenge Closers’ very first Raid Boss: Tiamat,” says En Masse. Moreover, players will take advantage of a new enhancement adapter system that essentially adds enhancement socketing to gear; there’s a new pet awakening system so pets can journey up to level 50; and naturally, there’s a community launch event ongoing until February 14th.

Here’s a quick look at our coverage of the game as it ported westward, including our stream of the game and our hands-on at PAX West.

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