Guild Wars 2’s lunar new year patch is here with some big class balance changes too

Happy Lunar New Year! Guild Wars 2 has trotted out the requisite new year’s event in celebration of the year of the dog, though this year, ArenaNet has rejiggered achievement categories, added a new firecracker event and seasonal race in Divinity’s Reach, and updated Dragon Ball arena. Head to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach for the festivities through February 22nd. Oh yeah, and zodiac weapons are back (plus the latest harvesting tool is literally a dog)!

Of course, today’s patch does more than paint the town red; it also patches in the planned alacrity and boon changes, boosts credit given to support players for supporty things, reimagines the Mesmer, and adds assorted buffs and nerfs (mostly buffs, actually) in the service of balancing the rest of the classes, particularly some of the unloved elite specs. I’m sure someone will find something to gripe about, but so far, the response on Reddit is more or less content.

Unfortunately, ArenaNet notes, it “fixed a bug in which players could be launched into outer space when gliding into an updraft in the Hearts and Minds chapter of Heart of Thorns.” Dammit.

We’ll be streaming up some Guild Wars 2 events this evening on OPTV, to stay tuned!


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I feel mixed about the Mesmer changes, but I am a bit hopeful for what new builds players are discovering to cover the various playstyles. Otherwise, a bunch of balance changes I’m happy about.

And you know, doggos: Yay!

Bryan Turner

I just saw what ANet did to the Necromancer’s and the lack of any though put into Reapers and decided that’s it I’m out until I finish all the story content in ESO and level a Dragon Knight/Warden/Night Blade and play them extensively enough to find which tank works better for me. Yeah ANet won’t see any money from me for a loooooooong time, it’s already been a month so far.

Duey Bear

Ugh… I must finish Stormblood first, I must finish Stormblood first… I must DX.
Too many good games out, I am forcing myself to focus on progressing just one.