Neverwinter details the rewards of the Lost City of Omu

There’s no pretense that the real treasures in Neverwinter are the friendships you make along the way. The real treasures are treasures. They are powerful artifacts that lie thick upon the ground in the game, and you will be able to get more treasures when you can start venturing inside of the Lost City of Omu. The latest development update goes into depth about all of those treasures, starting with a brand-new artifact from the Cradle of the Death God.

There are also new artifact weapon sets available for purchase from multiple sources (including for Seals of the Brave or campaign progress), new enhancements for primal gear, new mounts, and new infusions available for existing gear. Those are the real rewards for doing all of this content. Sure the friends you make along the way are nice and will be welcome, but it’s also reassuring to know that the true treasures are the treasures which allow you to hack your way through your enemies.

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