World of Warcraft adjusts classes and offers advice on unlocking Allied Races

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I had Highmountain unlocked without any intent of ever using it.

So, do you have your allied races for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth unlocked yet? Possibly not. Heck, you might be wondering how you’re even supposed to do that, since as prestige races they’ve got some requirements loaded on the front end. Thankfully, the developers have assembled a guide showing off what you’ll need to do in order to build reputation and get the achievements. It’s going to take some play time and some effort, but thankfully you’ve got the time before the expansion actually launches.

Meanwhile, the promise that no king rules forever has come true with the latest wave of class adjustments, toning down Affliction Warlock damage and healing. Fire Mages and Beast Mastery Hunters, meanwhile, have gotten all of their damage tuned up, so those specs can get on with the business of eyeing the throne of the DPS charts. Or… considering it, depending on the next expansion.


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