Blade & Soul heeds the Call of the Deep update today


Hope you don’t have any fears about nasty things with sharp teeth swimming in the ocean under your feet because Blade & Soul’s Call of the Deep update isn’t going to coddle you with water wings and kiddie pools.

Today’s update takes players below the waves to the Drowning Deeps, a six-player heroic dungeon that comes in both normal and hard mode. It involves an investigation into a mysterious song by a sea monster that is luring people into its lair.

PvP fans can take out their aggression in the 6v6 Nova Core battleground. This one is almost like a sports game, as the teams attempt to move energy orbs to the opposing goals.

And if you’re only in the mood for love, the patch also marks the return of the Blade and Soulmate Valentine’s event.

Source: Patch notes
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Bruno Brito

I tried. I swear to hell i tried. Something in this game just…it doesn’t click. Maybe it’s how close ended it feels. It’s a themepark through and through, and i never got off the beaten path.

As i kept playing, i felt like my choices never mattered and my options diminished. :C


No worries. Yeah, this a Theme Park all the way. Doesn’t encourage anything else. And while some exploring is possible and necessary in one quest, it is very limited. Until you open the entire world map as you know it as you cap.


I have to go over with you at some point my irritations of not being able to traverse some terrain with my rightfully given abilities to do so, due invisible walls that crop up often…

…this world would be sooooo much better if it was entirely open instead of instance off every 20 feet. /sigh


Login in now. We will see, but I must admit, I’m looking forward to these “outfits of love” mechanic. LOL.

I’ll post a few pics if I get a chance. I warn you now, I’m on flu meds so items may out of focus or askew…