EVE Online outlines February development, vows it’s ‘coming for the bots’

What’s coming in EVE Online’s February 13th patch? The game’s latest development preview explains that Upwell structures will finally be getting the promised revamp, which makes abandoned structures easier to blow up and active ones more defensible as well as seeks to find balance between attackers and defenders in structure combat (namely, by nerfing said defenses).

Meanwhile, PC Gamer has a fresh piece out on the same ol’ botting problem that we covered a few weeks back; the publication builds out the argument that botters are seriously disrupting the EVE Online economy, not to mention upsetting the playerbase’s faith in CCP Games, which is already low thanks to the dissolution of the community team following financial hardships at the studio late last year.

This week, CCP Peligro tweeted again that CCP is working on the problem and issues a stern warning to miscreants.

“Client side detection or not: we’re coming for the bots. Don’t take my word for it though. Had a meeting with the EVE strategy team yesterday and the decision was unanimous. We have to thoroughly address this problem.”

Source: YouTube, PC Gamer

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John Mclain

All I can hear in that video is the sound of swirling water in the toilet as it circles the drain. But it’s gonna be a long flush that may take years.


Call me cynical, but Im guessing the mining bots moved to F2P mining frigs, which is why its suddenly an issue.

Nosy Gamer

Probably because the Alpha 2.0 skill set now allows for botting Ravens that can train up a lot cheaper than previously. Ravens are a lot more noticeable than Vexor Navy Issues.