Here’s what’s changing in Elder Scrolls Online’s combat meta with update 17

Coming with next week’s Dragon Bones DLC launch in The Elder Scrolls Online as part of the freebie update 17 patch is an update to the tactical angle of combat in the game. For starters, ability synergies are going to be a lot more obvious, all in an effort to encourage teamwork during combat. Some have been buffed or fixed, while all now have “clear visual indicators” for these tools and for their cooldowns.

There’s more. Area-of-effect damage caps are gone, giving big groups more incentive to let loose (and spread out!); blocking should be easier with a reduced stamina cost and buff to block cost enchantments; and PvP movement speed penalties have been reduced to “better support the quick pace of battle.” And finally, heavy attacks no longer dispel boss off balance debuffs, meaning players have more than half a second to plan their next move when they see it pop up.

The update launches on February 12th for PC gamers.

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Color me interested! Sounds tasty!


Just a note as some of the information above is incorrect. There was a reduction to standard block cost, however Block Cost Enchants were nerfed, meaning if you used them in your setup your total cost to block has now gone up.

Daniel Reasor

I haven’t looked at the numbers yet. My read on it was that the enchants would be rebalanced just so that tanks don’t become God Mode blocking machines when blocking becomes affordable for Stamina damage dealers.