Overwatch’s lunar new year patch includes new capture-the-flag Thai map called Ayutthaya


Overwatch is once again taking its place among the small selection of online games in the west that honor the lunar new year, and in fact, this year’s event in Blizzard’s shooter is getting a brand-new map. Ayutthaya is a capture-the-flag map in an iconic Thai temple setting, but Blizzard has shaken up the CTF rules from its last go-round. There are no draws, first of all; there’s a sudden death phase to break ties instead. Second, flag pickup is instant, and certain movement skills will force players to drop the flag.

“We found by doing this that the rate of capture is much higher; the games are now much more offensive and much more action-packed,” Jeff Kaplan explains. “And it’s actually rare for games to even go to sudden death now.”

Expect new skins too, of course, plus a four-week competitive season for this mode accompanying the event, all in order to ensure that people who actually travel for the holiday can still get it on the fun in-game too.

Source: Dev video

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IronSalamander8 .

Interesting. I actually had a large empire of Ayutthaya in Europa Universallis 4. Dominated SE Asia with it. :D