Warframe’s Shrine of the Eidolon is launching this week with the warframe and weapons overhauls

This world is strange.
Warframe has taken a break from rewriting the whole darn game to tease this week’s launch. Called Shrine of the Eidolon, the patch introduces some big bads to take on in the still-new areas from the game’s last expansion. “Most of you have seen the Teralyst, a beast that rises from the watery depths every night,” Digital Extremes intones. “Legends speak of two more Eidolons that fell to the Plains, dormant for centuries but ever present in the hearts and minds of the Ostrons.” Those’d be the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst, and yes, besting them will net you Riven Transmuters.

It also appears that the massive warframe and weapons changes under discussion earlier this week will be going into this patch, so heads up – when they said soon, they meant it. In fact, feedback has already caused DE to tweak its original plans a bit, though Ember players are probably still in for disappointment.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Kinya!
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Thank you for covering this game! It definitely doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight.