Activision-Blizzard Q4 2017: Activision Blizzard boasts ‘record quarter, record year’

We could have planned better.

With revenues and net bookings up, Activision Blizzard is riding high going into 2018. CEO Bobby Kotick introduced the Q4 2017 report by saying that it was “a record quarter to cap off a record year for Activision Blizzard.”

The studio’s net revenues shot up 6% to $7.02 billion and its revenues were up 1%, bringing in $2.04 billion during the quarter. The company’s stock price took a dip that it attributes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, however. More than $4 billion of that net revenue came from in-game microtransactions, half of which came from the company’s PC and console titles.

Destiny 2 and Overwatch did its part to push earnings, with the former being the second-highest-grossing console game for 2017 in North America. Overwatch has witnessed “higher engagement” since its Overwatch League began. And while Blizzard continues to not report on the population of any given game, the studio said that it had 40 million monthly active users during the quarter.

The report did contain a slightly ominous tone, as the company said that PC and console business was down for the year 4% and 3%, respectively. Growth was seen both in mobile and “ancillary” revenues such as physical merchandise. While Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII did help out, the lack of other major releases during the year might have triggered this decline in earnings.

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