Crowfall explains its new approach to character selection with the Crypt

Isn't that nice.

As it currently stands in Crowfall, you are not the character that’s marching around. You are a little shining blue crow, which is what you start as before you select a specific avatar and customize it. That’s just your meat-puppet that you ride around in. Technically speaking, the game’s new form of character creation doesn’t change that fact, as you are still at the core a flying little spirit crow. But the game is adding in the Crypt to choose between your different avatars, and those will now serve as a more proper set of characters.

Rather than players respawning and re-selecting their avatars, the new system allows you to unlock vessels permanently as specific characters in your library, with your game experience starting in your first (and likely primary) avatar. Finding Crypts allows you to swap between your different vessels at will, as your account-wide progression remains the same no matter how often you swap between them. Check out the full overview for both lore and mechanics on the official site, which should provide an interesting cooperation between the lore side of the game and the mechanical one.

Source: Official Site; thanks to JamesGoblin for the tip!

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Melissa McDonald

i find this somewhat confusing.


I like this system a lot, it gives a lore reason to have alts and connect a player to them. As opposed to having to roll a new character each time there’s a reset, which seems like it would decrease attachment to characters (which is something I value, and I know lots of us do).

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I’m not clear, after reading this, about whether “vessels” as an inventory item to identify the race of a character still will be required, or only allowed. Can you create a character of any race with generic attributes for that race, without buying or crafting a “vessel?” Is the vessel just a way to get a character with custom attribute allocations?

That aspect of the system seems like it’s only been left in at all because it already was there, and they weren’t sure what to do with it in this new concept; I’m just not sure what it’s adding to the metaphor as it’s now presented, or why needing (or allowing) you to buy a reconstituted corpse just to make a character makes a whole lot of sense for anyone.

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Chris Neal

I believe the answer there is the ability that they’re working on to walk between Worlds with one character so you can ignore that whole…vessel…thing.

What’s not immediately clear is those “embargo rules” they mentioned, but I assume that will be elaborated on in a separate dev blog once the tech is better sorted out.