Overwatch sets off fireworks and fun for the Lunar New Year

THe problem is you not being very good.

The Lunar New Year kicked off in Overwatch yesterday, ringing in the game’s Year of the Dog. Above and beyond the celebratory atmosphere, Blizzard has plenty of activities for players to enjoy and loot to gain.

The event, which runs through March 5th, includes the Thai-themed Ayutthaya map, a new competitive mode, and a patch with plenty of gameplay improvements. But you’re probably most interested in the skins: There are also 50 new seasonal items, including 19 limited-time skins. The studio is also making last year’s event items available in this year’s loot boxes. Check everything out down below!

Source: Overwatch
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I love all the new skins this batch. Normally I like one or two and the rest I can take or leave, but I don’t think there’s one this time that I dislike. If I don’t get them in loot boxes, I’ll probably get the Mercy skin and possibly the Widowmaker skin.