The Daily Grind: What would it take to get you back into WoW?


This week, I found myself discussing with MOP’s Justin and Eliot my current disillusionment with World of Warcraft, specifically for its allied races. I’m happy for people in love with Allied races, but they do nothing for me. It would take world and class updates to get me to go back to WoW and go through the effort of catching up. Without that? It’s time I could be spending in one of my “home” MMOs, so there I stay.

But dang. If WoW added bards? Dual-classing? A crafting system that actually cared about crafters? A more (as Eliot put it) open class structure in general? Real housing? They’d already have my resub, and I’d be right next to Justin grinding gold for tokens.

What would it take to get you back into WoW? Did allied races do it for you? Are you holding out for legacy? Or is there nothing at all?

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Will Martin

something that i would love to see is naval combat, ship creation, maybe even trade running somewhat similar to archeage but not as gimped. But def. naval combat and warship/tradeship crafting etc. oh and remove the tedious grind just to be able to fly.

Erik Heinze-Milne

Well, they gave me a 7-day free trial, and I was playing it, actually considering subbing again. Then I got a cloak. Went into the options to turn it off. Option to turn off cloak is not where I expected it to be. Maybe they moved it, so I went googling. Found out you have to turn it off at a transmog vendor now, which is ridiculous as I typically want to make that decision immediately so I can start wearing the item. But fine, technically playing for free, so I make the trip from the blood elf starting zone all the way to Orgrimmar, because apparently putting a tranmogrifier in each city is just too much trouble. Only to find out that you can’t actually hide grey or white items anymore, because they aren’t moggable.

Ended up wasting 20 minutes trying to do something that used to take all of 2 seconds but is now, apparently, fucking impossible. I closed the game. Probably not going to bother buying BfA anymore, if that is the level of absolutely idiotic design I can expect.

I know it’s a small thing, but even though I was otherwise having fun, it just immediately killed all enthusiasm to keep playing.

Oh, and give us flying without throwing a temper tantrum and forcing a massive grind. Just let us buy it like you used to.

Slacker & Moron

1. Remove Missions and World Quests that reward Gold.
2. Make world quests and reputations account wide. (playing alts should neither provide a benefit nor a chore)
3. Upscale repair cost to something like 10x to 100x(kidding) (or any other gold sink to fix / regulate the game economy)
4. Make materials vital to the game again (kinda like ALL ore is required for end-game crafts in GW2) or fix professions and their importance to the game
5. Remove Heirloom gear so that all drops matter while leveling (that would also stir the low level economy / AH )

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

A combination of finally *not* returning to the faction war at the start of almost every expansion like it’s something new and exciting – it’s so tired and irrational, plus undoing the damage done to classes (e.g. give shamans decent totems back that last more than a few seconds). If they announced that BfA is actually a free patch that intros a proper Void-themed expasion, I’d be there. As it is, I’ll wait to see if they patch in better story after the expansion has been around a while.


What would it take to get you back into WoW?

Right now, for me personally:

Extend the “free access to older expansions when you subscribe” to Legion in anticipation of the next expansion.

I recently re-subbed for a short while (2 months) to get a feel for the game and the players again. Whilst I hadn’t played since Mists of Pandaria and therefore hadn’t bought Warlords of Draenor, I got it free to give me a chance to play catch up. Presumably with the intent that I’d then buy Legion and continue. That too was my plan.

As it was, I heard the hype for the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion while I was grinding out the achievements to unlock flying mounts and all my enthusiasm dried up when I realised that with a new expansion on the horizon, I’d have to buy 2 expansion just to play catchup rather than 1. So I finished my flying mount grind and just stopped.

The appeal to an expansion for me is that feeling in the first few days of being around people who are encountering something new WITH you. Then the feeling of not being hugely far behind on gear/knowledge in order to join endgame activities and then learning the endgame alongside my peers.

Instead, I’m left with the choice of buying two expansions so I can be ready to go on day 1 or waiting for BfA to be released, quickly levelling some of my preferred toons though Legion, up to 110 just so I can start thinking about starting BfA content days (or more realistically for me, weeks) behind the crowd. I know the majority are fine joining content mid-tier, but for me personally, it feels like being carried or patronised.

Now I’m sure someone reading this is thinking “boost tokens”. Yeah. Except the things that are stopping me buying 2 expansions are also stopping me considering buying a boost. Money and sheer bloody mindedness. For me, the point of playing a game is playing the game. I’m never going to pay to skip content. That’s a choice, and the reason I started this post with “for me personally:”.

Had I not heard about BfA until a couple of weeks later, I’d have bought Legion and all of this would be a non-issue. The money would be spent and I’d have the choice to be ready for BfA on day 1. I’d have shrugged at my poor timing and moved on. But now I have a choice and that choice means I probably won’t return to WoW ever, because that “moment” where I might have returned is suddenly disproportionately expensive in my mind.

Kickstarter Donor

I really like WoW… the only thing that’d put me in love territory is player housing. However it is the only mmo I’ve been playing for a while.

Danny Smith

Stop trying to make things based on “epic” -a word blizzard killed and rendered meaningless in videogames- and focus on “adventure” again instead.

Also tone it down with the sub trap mechanics to try and treat the player like a mobage consumer, that shits killing Destiny right now and WoW has more diehards but that shits still poison to me.

-and holy shit steal the roullette group finder from FFXIV. spending an expansion locked to a handful of dungeons out of almost 100 is crazy and timewalking isn’t good enough.


I go back from time to time, but their business practices have changed a bit. The box price + time gate on the allied races drove me back out again.

In all honesty the game needs more than just new content. It need a feature infusion, it needs to be a bit more than a very average themepark.

Dobie Gillis

The only answer I have is- “a time machine”. I don’t mean it in jest either. Either I have outgrown WoW, or it has outgrown me. I’d need to be 18 again, in college, and bored…

possum440 .

Scalable dungeons and raids from 1 person to 100. Dungeon and raid customization to randomize the dungeon layout and type to include bosses and regulars mobs. Dungeon and raid bosses run by random players in the game for a real challenge. Raid gear wearable and usable only in raids, once you leave a dungeon, your traveling gear is applied and the raid gear is removed. Same with PVP gear.

Real ID for everyone. Mouse over a persons name and their address shows up. Voice chat linked with real id so problems can be addressed through local and governmental law enforcement, this will make people think twice about bullying or worse and mouthing off.

No third party programs or macros of any type allowed in the game. Perma bans for gamers not adhering to civilized behaviour. These bans passed to other publishers and gamemakers.

No more ingame microtransactions, no wow store or subscription tokens. Blizzard hiring enough CS persons to address player tickets in less than 10 minutes in game time.

That would do enough to earn a subscription from me.

Will Martin

so you wnat someone to get in trouble with the law for “mouthing off” ? aka saying something you dont like and it hurt your feelings?