WRUP: What your favorite type of soda says about you edition

Cola: Who knows or cares.

Sprite/Sierra Mist/7-UP: You want to have soda, but when someone gives you a cola of some sort you’re all like, “whoah, not that much soda.” So then things are sort of all right.

Ginger Ale: You’d probably have fewer stomachaches if you’d stop eating all of that aquarium gravel, but it tastes like stingy candy.

Fruit soda: Stupid juice not bubbling on your tongue. You need to feel alive. Come on, bubble on my tongue, you orange-flavored mess that has probably never even been in the same room as an orange.

Grapefruit soda: Your name is Phillip D’Antonio and today is your first day of fourth grade.

Any of the above, but you call it pop: It’s called soda. Jeez.

Whale soda: Mm, you can really taste the baleen.

Flavored seltzer: Why are you this way? Why do you do this. You come into my home, my home full of soda, and you ask me for this flavorless water with bubbles that tastes like nothing. How can you do this to me? How do you live? Get out! I have no son!

WRUP soda: This isn’t a soda. It’s What Are You Playing. Let us know what you’re playing down in the comments, and stuff.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​I’m still getting over my cold, but even if I have to be in my car, I won’t miss my Pokemon Go EX Raid. First time at this park, and it’s one I’d been fighting at since I came back to the USA. It’s a sentimental thing.

I also plan on doing more Monster Hunter World. Overwatch may get some time too, but I don’t wanna push myself too hard.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Bizarrely, I’ve spent my gaming time this week in Ultima Online, ostensibly getting everything ready to deactivate but actually just playing, so maybe I’ll stick around a while longer. I also poked my head into Trove for the free mounts (woot) and might go back in there this weekend too. And Guild Wars 2 – I’ll probably go check out the lunar new year stuff, but man, their events never make me want to do any of them.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog):The usual round of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Project Gorgon should keep me fully occupied. I still do have Final Fantasy XII to start playing, so that might fit its way in there too.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m trying to finish up the Black Book of Mordor in Lord of the Rings Online but am finding my will to slog through this expansion at an end. More than likely, I’ll be working on various World of Warcraft alts, trying to reach level 10 in Dungeons & Dragons Online, and maybe returning to Final Fantasy XIV. Shh. Don’t tell Eliot.

dk, patron: This week I’ve been putting WoW on the back burner for a bit to check out Staxel, the Minecraft-meets-Stardew-Valley super new early access game that is super adorable. I’m also logging into Space Engineers to watch my friends do space engineering things, tinkering about in Star Citizen, and playing around a bit with Avernum 3 Ruined World remaster, which I have been been patiently awaiting for like the past eight years from when Spiderweb first starting remastering the series. I might also slip into some Heroes of the Storm (where I decided to spend some leftover currency on some fresh skins(, water my plants in Viridi, and get the postponed Divinity: Original Sin 2 static campaign session done. Even though I’ve got a lot of games on the roster for the past few weeks, I’ve been super chill about all of them, just taking them on in super-duper casual ways.

Pierre, patron: Monster Hunter World has proven to be an exceptionally good video game; I’m quite exclusively playing MHW these days, and I would recommend it to any MMO player as there are many similarities between MHW and an MMO. Grinding is at the heart of your character’s progress, and you always find something to do, both for brief and long gaming sessions. I really appreciate that whatever you choose to do in the game, it’s your choice, not some kind of absurd specific requirement you need to fulfill to unlock loot or leveling caps. I may find some time to play WoW too, but I’m afraid that as I am addicted to Monster Hunter, I would not waste even a minute in Azeroth. And you MOP readers, what are you playing?

Your turn!

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Denice J. Cook

Tea! OMG, Tea! Home-brewed hibiscus, fresh ginger spice, caramel black tea, tea, tea, tea!

Okay, once in a great while I drink Polar flavored sparkling water because it doesn’t have the dangerous fake chemical sweeteners in it….

*wanders back to Erollisi in Everquest 2, while wishing Star Wars: Battlefront II’s horrid leveling system would finish undergoing its supposed revamp sometime soon*

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

We call it pop here. And actually, since we discovered Lacroix we’ve been drinking that instead of pop.

Been playing mostly DCUO. Valentine event, and enjoying the new Earth 3 zone and storyline.


Dr. Pepper. Cherry. Also, Monster Hunter World.

Nick Smith

I enjoyed the WRUP soda edition! When I was younger me and my uncle got into a argument as to whether you call it soda or pop.

Trove. Farming dragon frags
Elder Scrolls Online. lvl alts
Secret World. Extra empowerment!
Killing Floor 2. Play my berserker
Elder Scrolls Legends.

Alex Malone

If you call it soda or pop, it means you’re American, and then you’ve got bigger problems than what to call a soft drink! Mine is diet coke though.

IronSalamander8 .

Love the pop comment. After being born in Milwaukee, WI where it’s soda when I was in Michigan I had to learn they called it pop there.

I was a Mountain Dew addict for years but switched to Cherry Coke Zero to cut all those damn calories out of my life. At 48 I need to keep those calories down.

Right now the only MMO I’ve been playing is WoW but casually. I was heavy into SWTOR till the Zak stuff, played EQ 1 & 2 for years, tried many other games, but my main love was CoH/CoV.

Kickstarter Donor

I drink Vernor’s. It has a “bite” to it, like Coca-Cola, because of the actual ginger in it, but no caffeine. Caffeine and I broke up after college — I loved her far too much, and she was bad for me :-).

My grandpa used to buy Vernor’s for me when I was a little kid, so there is definitely a sentimental aspect there for me (the kind of brand-preference marketing demons wish they could inspire :-) ).

I started drinking it again a few years back when my health first went sideways, because again, the ginger was actually good on my stomach. So, win-win.

Useless trivia: Vernor’s is the oldest surviving “Ginger Soda” (as they call it) in North America, first appearing in 1866. It actually was first created by a pharmacist named James Vernor.

What R I Playing?

Lousy week for winter weather here again, but a very fun week for personal gaming. Having a great time in both Star Trek Online and World Of Warcraft — WoW, in particular.

As Armsbend said a week or two ago about WoW, “I get it. I finally get it” :-)

Is the game perfect? Of course not :-) Is it entertaining me? Absolutely.

Other than these two, I’m still really liking No Man’s Sky on my PS4. It’s definitely an “acquired taste” of a space game, as it’s very exploration-centric, but it works for me.

Speaking of acquired tastes, I notice that Agents of Mayhem is super-cheap on Steam this weekend, if anyone’s interested.

I have heard rumors that the PC version of the game has technical issues, though, but I can’t speak to that because I played the PS4 version. Best to investigate before you buy, I suspect.

Last thing — has anybody heard from MOP poster Sray lately? He used to be here regularly on the weekends, but I haven’t seen any posts from him in a while.

I’m starting to become concerned that he got abducted by aliens, or something.

That’s all from me this week. Take care of yourself, and each other. We’re all we’ve got folks, and i wouldn’t want to lose you!


Loyal Patron

I love ginger ale so I’ve tried Vernor’s. It’s a bit too much bite for me. Honestly I like the fakey stuff more – Schweppes in particular. Both regular and the raspberry flavored one. i drink the stuff over any other soft drink.

Kickstarter Donor

I was reading that the less “bitey” (i.e. the less gingery) ginger ales started to ascend in popularity during Prohibition, apparently because people preferred them as mixers in their illegal booze. :-)

The smoother ginger ales took over as public favorites ever after, and Vernors is supposedly the last of the major “bitey” ginger ale brands left from that time.



I seem to remember Sray getting down about all the Destiny 2 articles and comments where many of us were beating up on the game. I vaguely remember something they posted about re-evaluating their own posting habits in light of experiencing how it feels to have your favorite game trashed all over the internet. I can understand and respect that. I haven’t seen them around though so I hope they’re doing well and having fun.


Taking a mental health break from forums and social media in general. Nothing specific about any one person, game, or news event: just need to de-toxify my soul for a little while. A very painful dental procedure was making my anxiety spike for the last few weeks: decided to step away from Internet interactions lest I have an inappropriate “public incident” for because of it.

Doing fine. Occasionally looking in; was pure chance I even saw this post.

Playing Fallout 4, Agents of Mayhem, and a bit of Destiny 2 for what it’s worth.

Kickstarter Donor

Thanks for checking in, Sray!

I completely understand about the need to step back from online interaction and social media from time-to-time. There are weeks where I don’t post here, and that’s typically me doing the same thing.

Take care of yourself, and whenever you might feel in the mood to yabber about gaming again, I look forward to reading what you have to say!


Loyal Patron

get that

David Goodman

Its called pop. Soda is what you put in the fridge to keep the smell away.

What I’m playing is: Divinity Original sin 2, DDO, WoW (raid leading a glorious herd of cats through heroic angle is. I love my team.), and My Time At Portia (not ashamed)

Loyal Patron

Pop is a cool frozen juice you eat in the summer time. Only a small child who is just learning to speak would call a drink pop.


My favorite soft-drink since I can’t drink colas any more is carbonated mineral water with a dash of lime or lemon. It’s really refreshing since i also am on fluid restrictions and get quite thirsty at times.

As for what I’m playing over the weekend. The Witcher 3, which I picked up on sale last week, and some Warframe. I’m still on my first frame and working my way through Venus.

Mr Poolaty

For you Andelane!!