Black Death patch 0.24 lets you drag and drop to your heart’s content

Watch out! He's got a thing that throws sticks with knives!

Yes, it’s true, the latest patch for Black Death adds lots of drag-and-drop functionality. Want to drag something onto your new quick slot bars? You can do that. Want to drag and drop items to buy and sell? You can do that, too. Of course, it also features a lot of other upgrades to the game; you can drag your hopefully not beplagued body around with the help of the game’s new movement system, which makes it easier now to sprint all about and move organically.

The game has also updated its combat mechanics for various weapons; things like daggers should now attack faster than large weapons like greatswords, with animations and combat stances shifting accordingly. There’s also a number of new more intelligent AI systems in place, with more vicious enemy AI waiting in more dangerous regions, and there are new procedurally generated rats spawning and scurrying about all over. Read through the long list of patch notes to get a full sense of the scope of the changes contained therein.

Source: Steam page

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Pretty intense patch! Really impressed there. Now let’s see how that plays next time LIF’s Buyan goes down ;)

Robert Mann

I’d think the same, but my odd hours means more likely I will jump in some night where nobody else is around and I’m over my normal stuff for a bit.