Free-to-play Korean import Soulworker Online launches forums on the road to the west


Back in November, MMO gamers were bummed to find out that Soulworker’s western rollout had been delayed into the first quarter of the new year. But the Smilegate/Gameforge machine is now finally cranking up: A tipster noticed that the game’s western forums (featuring English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish) have just launched.

“As ever, we’re hard at work on SoulWorker. We’re making great progress and we will soon be able to give you more information on the start of the open beta!” says the forum team. “The game is free-to-play and will also be available on Steam starting with the Open Beta. It will feature Korean voices (original voices) and text in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. It is currently not planned to include Japanese voices. It is our goal to provide PvP content and new characters like Jin Seipatsu or Iris Yuma in the future, but at this point we unfortunately can’t confirm when exactly this content will be available.”

Server names for seven western servers have also been published – it looks like two of them will be in English, one for North America and one for the UK.

Source: Official forums. Cheers, Kieran!

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Bruno Brito

Soulwhat now

Melissa McDonald

Unsurprising… As the Olympics have reminded us in the last couple of days, Korea isn’t a big fan of Japan.


“Free-to-play Korean import”

I love it when they get to the bottom line of why I shouldn’t play right away.

Moving on.

Asif Kazmi

Yes, I agree! It’s great when the headline tells you the whole story, sort of like the opposite of clickbait.

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But is there also a way to succinctly encode “if you don’t plan to play a free-to-play Korean import game, it’s better to just move on, instead of come in and post a comment saying you don’t play”?

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I had the same reaction, but MMO Byte was always going on about it, and so I installed it.

I haven’t played on the Korean version, but I’ve been playing on the Japanese Server for a while (thier is a Eng lang patcher / updater for items and quests) – its actually super fun. The combat reminds me of, of all things, God of War – except you can move all the skills in any order you like. They chain. Very button mashy, which you wouldn’t think would work with mouse and keyboard – but it totally does somehow. Plus you have skill trees. And who doesn’t want to play as a small anime schoolgirl killing monsters with a magical electric guitar? /s

It has housing, crafting (gear, vanity, for housing, these buff card things which I’m still not 100% on how they work exactly), and its very loot showery, like a diablo game sort of. You also get lots of free stuff, like useful stuff, from daily logins and staying logged in. The festivals are fun too.

I can’t comment much on the cash shop, as its all in Japanese and I never used it, but it seemed to be lots of cosmetic outfits. I think they also sell a lot of things like inventory expansions. You get some in game as you level, but as I said you get tons of loot and space can be an issue – at least until you understand what things can be kept and which can be sold.

The other issue might also be who’s publishing it here. I know on the SW subreddit their is some concern over gameforge messing it up, and gouging too much.

What you get for free on the Japanese server seems pretty reasonable, so I’ll be interested to see how much, if at all, they change it.