Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu improves upon the Chult campaign

Don’t wash your hands of Neverwinter’s Jungles of Chult campaign just yet. Cryptic’s upcoming Lost City of Omu will flesh out the fun and content offerings of this primal setting with more advancement and quests.

The conclusion to this campaign setting will include new weekly repeatable tasks that will unlock after the previous Jungles of Chult campaign is completed. There are also additional boon points that can be attained and some fun new rewards, such as artifact gear and body paint. Nothing says “formal wear” like slathering paint on your torso and challenging the local decency laws.

“Exploring the ruins of the Lost City of Omu to discover the source of the death curse plaguing the lands will allow you entry into the Cradle of the Death God, a brand new trial which will require solid teamwork and daring adventurers to succeed,” Cryptic said.

Source: Neverwinter
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