Project Gorgon explains the upcoming changeover to Steam and beta development

It’s an exciting time for Project Gorgon as the game heads toward Steam! It’s not happening right now, of course; the game will be submitted for final approval in a week, and it’ll probably be live on the service in two. But when that happens, the whole way you play the game is going to change, and thus the developers have outlined the whole process from now until the game is live on Steam.

Players who have pre-purchased the game will received their Steam keys in the mail after it’s live, while those who have just taken advantage of the game’s free testing will have to actually buy it. Players will still be able to log in with the alpha client for about two weeks after the Steam launch, with the option to link your previous test account to the game so that you can unlock any rewards and the like. You also won’t suffer any data wipes, so don’t be worried about that.

Curious about how the game plays? Well, we’re covering it right now in Choose My Adventure. Hint, hint.

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Rolan Storm

Hmm… I do not want it, but fine I guess. Nothing can be done anyway. :D

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I am slightly assuming that there will be other purchase options on steam?

Something a little more affordable than the current “$75-$1,000” bracket, perhaps?

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agemyth 😩

Well if you are, understandably, hesitant about paying the normal “full game” price to test a very unfinished game, you can still do all the testing you can tolerate for the low low price of free for about a month.

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We’re actually still discussing the exact final price, so please stay tuned!

Final launch pricing on Steam is not quite settled on, but you can figure out now what you think the game is worth to you. Personally, I don’t think they should price it under 60 USD at launch (aside from maybe a 10% launch window discount promotion or something). I’m sure a lot of people will balk at the audacity of an indie developer charging more then 10-20 USD on their game, but game prices fluctuate so wildly with sales and price drops a little patience is enough for me when I am unwilling to pay a certain price for something I am interested in.


The game is great, but is still very much Early Access and if they ask for full price for the game in it’s current state, they’re just begging for more negative reviews. It’s also great in that, “Wow, they’re doing something different here” kind of way, but not wow it’s great because it’s so fleshed out and tons of lands to explore, etc.

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While my last MMO purchase (TheRepop) on Steam didn‘t turn so well, I‘m looking forward to this.


Same here. But to be honest, I already feel much better about this game having played the little I have played.