Lord of the Rings Online starts testing Northern Mirkwood

With the beta for Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 22 on the test server, players eager to escape the clutches of Mordor are able to see greener pastures in the north — Northern Mirkwood, that is.

The zone of Northern Mirkwood is split into two regions: Eryn Lasgalen (Wood-elf forest) and the Dale-lands. “A new Lake-town has been built, Dale has been re-settled, and the Kingdom under the mountain thrives, but change has not lessened its pace,” the devs said.

Quality-of-life improvements are also in the works for Update 22, as noted by Lina’s Biscuity Burrow. And musicians are going to flip over the fiddle, which all players will be able to enjoy.

LOTRO Players took players on a tour through the new area with several videos, including a look at the Elfking’s Hall, Lake-town, Dale, the Lonely Mountain, Raven Hill, and Erebor. There’s even a trip to Smaug’s bones, if Hobbit history is important to you. Go there and back again after the jump!

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