Siege war game Conqueror’s Blade plans March European test


If leveling and organization get in the way of your true passion in online games — massive PvP siege warfare — then allow Conqueror’s Blade to cut to the chase and give you the experience you crave.

The massively multiplayer medieval war simulator just wrapped its most recent test, with over 10,000 players across the globe trying it out. Now the team is turning its attention to what it’s calling the European X Test (closed beta) in March. Interested parties may register for the test on the website.

“We are honored that so many players really loved playing Conqueror’s Blade, and they gave us a lot of good advice during the beta test,” said Producer Xi. “We’re working hard to deliver an even better gaming experience for the European players in the next test.”

Check out what the game looks like and how it plays after the break!

Source: Conqueror’s Blade, press release

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I really like the look of this game so may well give it a go.

That said, having chatted to a few people who were in the beta, this game isn’t an MMO. I’ve signed up for the European test so will find out first hand, but yeh, not an MMO as far as I can tell.