SWTOR kicks off ‘share the love’ refer-a-friend promotion, gifts speeder and armor to subbers

What’s Star Wars The Old Republic got up its sleeve for Valentine’s Day? How about a “share the love” event for new and returning players?

BioWare announced today that it’s re-energizing its invite-a-friend campaign with a new SWTORSHARETHELOVE promotional code that’ll get you rewards, including a speeder, droid minipets, and other perks if your buddies actually subscribe.

Existing subbers are getting something too: “The SWTOR team is Sharing the Love with our Premium Players by giving everyone the Chiss Talon Interceptor Airspeeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set – these rewards will be available beginning March 1, 2018 through in-game mail.”

If you’re a former subber, you can also make sure of the share the love code if you reactivate, and you’ll also pick up that sweet airspeeder and armor Set. These promos all run through February 27th.

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Matthew Perry

Will take more than that to get me to re-sub.
Really didn’t like the road the game went down with the fallen Empire and Eternal Throne story lines, especially as you lose your companions. I know they’re slowly bringing them back, but that isn’t the point.
I also hate Galactic Command. The whole point of a subscription ,is you shouldn’t have to grind. That is for free and preferred accounts, to keep them playing, not subscribers..


Giving away 30 days free sub to returning subscribers is a risky strategy, considering you can complete the vast majority of the game within 30 days…..


I remember i bought 2 copy’s for this game wich costed me 180 euro’s or something.

Loved it when i loged in, played Hutball and it was the best thing ever, then i stopped and never looked back…

This mmo could have been a the missing gap for tons of mmo players tired of WoW / GW / Warhammer back in the days.

But they totaly screwed this mmo….and like to many mmo’s it was the studio’s who kill their own games, much like XLGames and Trion did.

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Afro Thunder


I wager this game doesn’t go into next year. My guess is the higher up have given them until quarter X to get revenue up, or its done.


I suppose to anyone who still plays, this is harmless enough.

To the rest of us, I’ve got to say it reeks of pathetic desperation.

Why is it when SWTOR offers things to existing players these days, it seems to be the privileged of advertising their game for them?

Congratulations, you’ve won a free** T-shirt.
** T-shirt only available in medium and features the phrase “Happy Meal’s half price at McDonalds from February 30th to 31st”. Postage extra.


I wonder how many people even still play the game at this point.

Castagere Shaikura

No one i know anymore.

Toy Clown

I can’t help it. I ADORE free fluff. I’m logging in right now to get mine!

Edit: NM, they aren’t sent out until March 1st.

Kickstarter Donor

I fell out of love with you SWTOR.

Give me credit for being a good partner all those years.

I’m not sure what you did with our money.

Randy Savage

Share the love of what? The worst business model for a Western MMO?

Castagere Shaikura

Was going to say this. No thanks EA.


Bioware, I am trying to look for reasons to stick around myself and you expect me to pull in an innocent bystander to share in my misery?

Do your dirty work yourself… hmpf!

IronSalamander8 .

My thoughts as well. The Hitchhikers Guide scene where Arthur is arguing with the drink machine:

“…why not share this drink with your friends?”

“Because I want to keep them.”

Comes to mind. I keep wanting them to entice me back after playing most of its lifespan but they just don’t give any real reasons to do so. A crying shame really.

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Cosmic Cleric

I guess you’re not into the whole “misery loves company” thing? :p