ARK Survival Evolved gives its dinos some tender loving care

Dinosaurs deserve some love too, even if they’re oversized grumpy reptiles who keep trying to eat those good-natured players in ARK. The survival sandbox rolled out its TLC Phase 1 patch today that celebrated Valentine’s Day while making a pass (the balance kind, not the sexy kind) at several of the game’s signature beasties.

In the update, five of the prehistoric creatures — the Procoptodon, the Gigantopithecus, the Direbear, the Direwolf, and the Rex — received visual, animation, and ability redesigns. The patch also placed a hard limit on the number of turrets players could plop down in an area and added several quality-of-life improvements.

And if you really were banking on some dino love today, then enjoy ARK’s Mate Boosted event. This increases the mate boosted range, reduces baby food consumption, and jacks up mating, mating recovery, egg incubation, and creature maturing speeds. So go forth and breed your imaginary gigantic pets, you weirdos!

Source: Patch notes
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Hard to tell what is in Ark’s patches. Usually it’s a 3 gig update to correct a typo or a texture. Then when they drop a 5 gig update, who knows what’s going on?


Is this game still a thing ?

With the freepass to cheat ? hack ? Wildcard doing jack shit to counter it ?

I have never played a game that was such a mess for such a long time as Ark…

John Kiser

People will always find a way to exploit, cheat etc even on consoles (though to a lesser degree) Frankly the official servers for any of this game type is usually rubbish anyways and playing on private servers with active admins works far better.