Allods Online outlines the upcoming Spark Talents system

Fresh-faced losers again.

Why should you stop advancing your character in Allods Online just because you’ve hit the level cap? The game’s next major update is going to let you keep advancing with the introduction of new Spark Talents. Your Spark Level is unlimited, increasing steadily as you earn more Spark Experience; each level requires an escalating amount of experience, but the rate of acquisition is also slowly improving over time.

So how do you get this experience? By doing stuff, naturally. Daily adventures, winning rated combat, completing daily quests, and several other repeatable activities earn you more experience. You can also assign rubies to talents as your level increases, unlocking bonuses to item acquisition, special toys, and of course various bonuses to stats and special abilities. Check out the full rundown if you can’t wait to level up your character, only even more now that you finished the first round of leveling.


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Bruno Brito

Let me guess: After all the rubies system that pretty much forces you to pay thousands of moolah to be competitive on PvE/PvP, you now can get a shitload of exp scrolls and keep being a swipewarrior.

Allods is a disgrace nowadays.

Iver Gørtz

The bearded clone wars!

Does not check email

that’s a lot of bearded guys