Bless Online looks ahead to new races, housing, and a possible console edition

Three-point landing! Sort of.

Six months. Six months is the countdown timer from the start of Bless Online’s early access to the game’s official launch, according to developer Neowiz. Although with no planned character wipe, the open beta should act more as a soft launch than anything else, especially to fans who have been eager to get their hands on this good-looking title for years now.

The studio fielded another interview about the incoming MMO in which it hedged a bit on the topic of grind, promised improved optimization, and confirmation that there will not be a region lock for the title. Neowiz said that it is planning to introduce a new race as early as 2019 and that housing is also on its way to the game.

Neowiz hasn’t yet locked into a monetization plan but promises that pay-to-win “isn’t going to happen.” Interestingly enough, the studio left the door open for the possibility of a potential console version of the fantasy MMO.

Craving more information about this MMO import? We have our own recent interview Neowiz about the path to this game’s launch. Check it out!

Source: Wccftech
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