Final Fantasy XIV announces an end to congested worlds and restricted housing sales

Technically by this point we're talking Ninja, but let's not quibble.
The launch of Final Fantasy XIV’s new housing plots came with an additional restriction: Players weren’t allowed to purchase these new plots as individuals, just for free companies. Similarly, the launch of Stormblood brought a similar restriction, as players on designated “congested” worlds could not make new characters on those worlds or transfer characters to those worlds. But on February 20th, both of these restrictions will be lifted. Players can once again transfer to congested worlds, buy individual houses, and dress up in moogle outfits as tanks.

Actually, players could do that last one before.

Players will still be restricted to only owning one house per server on a given account, so the opening of plots doesn’t change that; similarly, there will still be preferred worlds for character creation, and if population disparities rise again the same countermeasures will be put back into place once more. However, for the time being, players will be able to get together and play more easily. In the end, isn’t that all anyone really wants?

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Mr Poolaty

In before server merges from depop…

Diego Lindenmeyer

houses for FC is stupid…

Knight Porter

And your recommended alternative is…

Mike Minier

Handle it like Wildstar. Give everyone their own instanced plot of land to do with as they please. That was the only redeeming quality of that game and no game has done it better.

Dagget Burmese

Bots will swarm to Balmung!

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“Players can once again transfer to congested worlds,”

Obviously they aren’t as congested.

Kawaii Five-O

Taking bets on how long before Balmung gets locked down again.

Deja Twixt

Gilgamesh isn’t as big as once was because of the lock downs. people left. Wonder if that will also happen to Balmung. Gilgamesh is still quite populated but a lot of people did leave.

Kawaii Five-O

While census data may not be entirely accurate, it does use the same criteria to parse all servers, so it’s still useful for giving relative data. Balmung’s population has undeniably gone down, but it was also a lot more populated than Gilgamesh to begin with. Even from last month’s census, Balmung’s estimated population was still above 20k, whereas Gil’s population dropped as low as 15.5k before it was unlocked.

You also need to consider why people would play on those servers after being unlocked. For Balmung, it is still seen as the go-to server for RP. Gil’s main draw was its raid scene, but that necessity to go to Gil for raiding was heavily diminished thanks to cross-world PF, and with player populations more spread out across the servers, there’s even less of a reason to go back.

Mateus as the alternative RP server may (and hopefully will!) continue to mitigate traffic to Balmung. I suspect it will, because Balmung will likely still be locked for character creation most of the time, but only time will tell.

However, you can still expect a large influx of players right out the gate–players waiting to play with their friends, returnees that regret transferring off, RPer’s looking for greener pastures, and of course, bots.

Balmung likely has a significantly smaller margin to fill before needing to be locked again in comparison to Gilgamesh, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it locked again within a few months.