Rumor: Disney eyes Ubisoft and Activision to take over Star Wars video game IP

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Raise your hand if you’re a little tired of Electronic Arts’ handling of the Star Wars video game franchise since its acquisition in 2013. One… two… yeah, a few of you.

Well, there might be A New Hope in the future for a new handler. Rumors are emerging that Disney is eyeing two different publishers to take the reins of the Star Wars IP in the video game market, especially in light with the Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco last year.

Cinelinx has the possible scoop: “From what I’ve heard Lucasfilm is upset as well and looking for other options. I’ve had a couple sources reach out to me about the current state of Star Wars gaming. According to them, Disney/LFL higher ups pulled EA to the ‘principal’s office’ to talk about what’s going wrong (which is what others have reported as well). Moreso, they’ve apparently reached out to both Ubisoft and Activision about developing Star Wars games.”

Even if this rumor is true, it still sounds like it is in the early days of such talks and that nothing is near to being finalized. Still, it might be welcome news to players who are tired of EA’s handling of the Star Wars saga and who would like to see another studio or two take a crack at it.

Source: Cinelinx. Thanks Miol!
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