Citadel Studios and Nexon are recruiting talent


If studio job postings get your blood pumping with the thoughts of what could be, here are a couple of tantalizing tidbits that perhaps hint at future development.

Legends of Aria developer Citadel Studios posted a job listing for both a digital marketing specialist and a game programmer. By the way, if you happen to be testing Aria right now, you should know that the NDA was lifted earlier this week.

Nexon — which you may have heard of — put out a notice with the hopes of recruiting a game director for its Nexon OC Studio. The specific game in question was not mentioned, although the description does ask for candidates that have worked on previous AAA titles.

If that last post sounds a little familiar, perhaps it is because you are remembering that former WildStar and World of Warcraft developer Stephen Frost went to work as a game director at Nexon OC last year.

Source: Gamasutra, Legends of Aria. Thanks Pepperzine!
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Sally Bowls

IMO, this is burying the lead. “here are some gaming jobs” might not get a click but “OMG, WTF is up with Frost” would.


There hasn’t been an NDA in place for the last couple weeks. Closed beta 1 ended on Monday and the NDA was supposed to go into effect. Citadel decided to lift the NDA unless they feel the need to reinstate it before closed beta 2. Closed beta 2 will not have an NDA.