Neverwinter details the creation of the Atropal boss

Cool, well, screaming forever now.
The Atropal boss in Neverwinter is not something you want to run into in a dark alley. Heck, it’s probably not something you want to run into anywhere, for any reason, at any point in time. It is a pretty disturbing-looking monstrosity, that’s the point here. And there’s a whole development blog available now about how the boss was designed, so if you’re wondering how a boss gets from its concept art (which may have just been a used tissue) to a finished model, it’s well worth a read.

You’ll also learn something about how skeletons and rigs work in the game, as the Atropal is based off of a heavily modified human male skeleton. Yes, it’s very different, but all of the fundamental parts work, so it’s just a matter of tweaking limb size appropriately and giving it a truly disgusting appearance. If you like reading up on how bosses get put together, it’s well worth an examination.

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Following up on my comments from the last Neverwinter coverage, I am sorry to report that leveling post 60 is a mess. The elemental evil dailies are no longer dailies and the grind has been greatly reduced… but it is still quite grindy. Also, some content that really ought to be restricted to level 70s is available to level 60s, like Ghost Stories and the class artifact quest, so a newbie can get into a lot of trouble.

As for the Atropal and Mod 13… I question why the devs are so focused on vertical progression, rather than adding classes and races. I had the impression that the dragonborn race and paladin class sold a lot of packs. Plus, any time you get a player to role a new toon… down the road that’s a bunch of extra companions and mounts he might want to buy.

Nevertheless, over two years have passed without a new class or race. Maybe Cryptic is just using this game as a proving grounds for artists and level designers?

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I think there’s two things at play here.

1: They’re pretty much dancing to WotC’s tune these days. All the aggressive cross-promotion isn’t leaving Cryptic enough time to devote to system development.

2: They like how story-driven development is working for Star Trek, so I think that’s become the “corporate culture”, at least on games not hanging on by a thread of appeasing whales.