Dark Age of Camelot lays out the groundwork for new and more frequent RvR events


Another week, another grab bag community Q&A with the Dark Age of Camelot development team. This edition’s pressing issue was the promise of more frequent RvR events — and what these would look like when they arrived.

“It will be a combination of existing and new events,” the team said. “We aren’t ready to start talking about the details of the new events quite yet, but the big picture idea is a system that utilizes in-game leaderboards. These events would likely run for 1-2 weeks on a rotating schedule and would incentivize various aspects of the game (mostly relating to RvR).”

Other topics discussed included pet-class adjustments, a server select button, and a change to the damage potential of the Mercenary.


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Need people that actually still play DAOC to organize RvR events. Broadsword should take a page out of the successful non-profit freeshard community and launch a classic server. I’m actually really surprised Broadsword can meet payroll from this game in its current state. Maybe EA just promoted the janitor as lead developer to keep the lights on.

Aaron Weddle

When they went to broadsword They left EA but Yeah i played this game there is it seems alot more people playing this game then it’s given credit for and they are planning a free to play system of somekind i admit it has it’s quirks and its UI needs entirely reworked but its not a bad classic MMO