Identity gameplay video demos your Breaking Bad fantasy

I have to be wasted for this.

The central tenant of Identity’s concept is that this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill combat MMO, but a life simulator that will let you live out fantasies of all sorts of exciting lifestyles, such as being a cop or a drug dealer.

The team released a short but interesting gameplay video last week that showed one law enforcement scenario. In it, a police officer pulls up to a house in the country and confronts two players doing their best Breaking Bad imitation in an RV behind it.

Earlier this month, the dev team said that it was going “full steam ahead” on the formation of the playable Town Square module.

“We’ve begun working with another studio to hasten art development for Town Square and other parts of Identity,” the team said. “With the release of Town Square, all founder package holders are going to be issued a key to redeem Identity on Steam.”

Source: Identity

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Melissa McDonald

You’ll only be able to do what the devs created for you… unless it’s like Second Life where you can create literally anything/everything you wish and invent your own reality.

/presses the “would you like to know more?” button.

Robert Mann

I like the concept of something more than just combat, but… this just doesn’t do much for my interest. There could be a lot more here that would interest me, but it never gets shown on their videos so I am left wondering if it actually exists, and that’s not a good way to push me toward playing.

If somebody does have a key, and finds that there’s a lot more than cop and bad guy stuff that is of interest, let us at least know it’s worth a deeper look, mkay?!?