Path of Exile video highlights upcoming Spectral Shield Throw skill

One of the new skill gems introduced for Path of Exile’s upcoming Bestiary update is Spectral Shield Throw. With this, players can throw the idea of a defense-only shield right into the faces of their enemies and knock their heads off. This unique method of dealing damage is flexible thanks to a variety of the special stats, making different shield types will be better for different things. For instance, armor and evasion found on tower shields, bucklers, and round shields heavy maximizes physical damage, whereas the energy stat on spirit shields increase critical chance.  Players can also mix and match other skills and gems to modify projectiles to creating chaining, forking, and more. Get more details on the official forums, and watch the skill in action in the clip below.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Oh, yes. Pretty please.

Bryan Correll

Every game needs some Captain America.