ArenaNet delays Guild Wars 2’s next living world episode to ensure it ‘lives up to standards’

Were you expecting Guild Wars 2 to drop a new living world episode trailer today, complete with deets on when the episode is rolling out? We were too. Turns out it’s all been slightly delayed.

“We are fast approaching the end of our 2-3 month cadence window for Living World Episodes and this morning we were hoping to unveil the Episode 2 Trailer along with the announcement of its release date,” says ArenaNet’s Mike Zadorojny. “However, as we were preparing the episode for launch we discovered issues that we want to take additional time to address, to make sure it lives up to our standards. Once we have nailed down the last few details, started the process for moving the build to Live, and are confident when the episode will launch, we will release the trailer. Thank you for patience and bearing with us as we put the finishing touches on Episode 2. We look forward to playing the next chapter of Living World with all of you once it is released.”

Maybe next week?

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Space Captain

I loved GW2 when it launched and I’ve played off and on since then. While I appreciated the aesthetics of HoT I didn’t really get along with the mazelike maps (Too much like GW1 for me) and the increase in difficulty was a bit offputting. I do love PoF though. Lovely inventive visuals and large maps and I’m enjoying the story a lot. I still think Arenanet have difficulty with boss fights in the story missions. The final one in the last episode was just far too busy and when you put an armour repair point at the entrance you’re admitting the fight is a bit rubbish :) They’re not exactly hard just frustrating when you barely get a second to stand still to get an attack off. Ground spam is fine for group content but single player it’s not really much fun.

But saying all that when I’m in the mood to play I’m in deep. I recently did my first world complete with my scourge necro and I’m doing a second in my spare time with my holosmith. I’m looking forward to the next episode but I’m in no great rush. I’m sure they had a good reason for the delay.

Also the implementation of mounts is the best I’ve ever seen in a MMO. They have character, provide very useful utility but unlike mounts in other games don’t utterly trivialise the content.


Lost a lot of interest with those terrible new WvW changes. Might log in to get season but most likely going to just log out after I unlock it.

Randy Savage

I still can’t seem to make myself care enough about this game’s story to follow it.

Duey Bear

Always better delayed than broken.


Agreed. Living Story has gotten much better post HoT, it’s free content and a week or two delay isn’t an inconvenience.


Well, said.