Neverwinter shows off the ruined undercity of Omu

It looks like a good tourist spot.
If there’s one universal rule to cities, it’s that they’ve got some other ruined underground city you can also explore because cities work like layer cakes. You don’t believe us? Are you calling Neverwinter a liar? Because there’s a whole lot of undercity lying underneath the Lost City of Omu, and by gosh, you’re going to want to explore every inch of it in hopes of finding some magical artifacts that have just been left in there piled in a heap in the corner.

Yeah, that’s how ruined cities work, too. Valuable artifacts just got thrown into the Artifact Corner. Don’t ask us why, we’re not city planners.

If you’re interested in looking through these ruined subterranean structures, you can take a full look through the tour guide on the official site (we’ve got the images just below, as well), where you can learn a little more about the various locations now found away from the gaze of the sun. There’s no mention of being able to buy up ruined portions of the city for gentrification and/or installing a Whole Foods, but we can assume.


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I keep really wanting to play this game. The UI is responsive, the game is undoubtedly pretty, the environs are pretty cool (like this one makes me sort of think Moria)…but then I think about actually PLAYING it and am dissuaded.

Bruno Brito

I think that resumes NW for me. It’s beautiful, responsive and simple, but…it’s not D&D, it’s not a casual-friendly game, it’s extremely P2W and honestly, this is a game that surely eats away your patience.

I wish DDO had this engine, 3.5 D&D Online with the responsiveness of combat sounds awesome.

Kickstarter Donor

I hope Fry’s dog is down there somewhere.

Kickstarter Donor
Legend Of Vinny T

Overheard at Cryptic HQ:

WotC rep: “So, we want to put an old city under the current one. Kinda like a layer cake. Can you guys do that?”

Robobo: “Cities under cities? Did you see Paragon City? Multiple tiers of sewers, Oranbega, and good old-fashioned cave networks that had layer cakes within them!”

WotC rep: “Wow, and here we thought we should hold back… Can you still do that layercakeception thing?”

Robobo: [malevolent grin] “They won’t find those glowies for days.”

Dug From The Earth

layers you say?