Overwatch is hiring a creative writer for… reasons

Everyone likes me, Amelie.

Here is a riddle for you: What would Overwatch, a game that’s so far featured far more backstory than actual ongoing story, want with a creative writer?

That head-scratcher has many fans speculating this week. A job listing up at Blizzard notes that the studio is seeking a published writer who will handle “dialogue writing, research, editing, story development, and intellectual property management” for characters, missions, and scenes.

This posting could be pointing toward a different direction for Overwatch that includes a forward-reaching narrative and perhaps, even, PvE content. No, wait, that’s far too silly a thought. Is it? In any case, it’s certainly food for thought as we try to peer through the murky windows at Blizzard HQ to catch a glimpse of where this title is heading.

Source: Blizzard
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