Overwatch is hiring a creative writer for… reasons

Everyone likes me, Amelie.

Here is a riddle for you: What would Overwatch, a game that’s so far featured far more backstory than actual ongoing story, want with a creative writer?

That head-scratcher has many fans speculating this week. A job listing up at Blizzard notes that the studio is seeking a published writer who will handle “dialogue writing, research, editing, story development, and intellectual property management” for characters, missions, and scenes.

This posting could be pointing toward a different direction for Overwatch that includes a forward-reaching narrative and perhaps, even, PvE content. No, wait, that’s far too silly a thought. Is it? In any case, it’s certainly food for thought as we try to peer through the murky windows at Blizzard HQ to catch a glimpse of where this title is heading.

Source: Blizzard

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A PvE mode?


Maybe they are setting up for their next game in the saga. Inter-game mingling seems to be their thing right now.

Danny Smith

Oh, so it will have any story happening after that Winston video finally? because riding a game you claim has ‘story’ on ‘heres shit that happened in the epic past of this game we just released that is just people murdering each other to cap points’ kind of ran out of steam like a year ago.


There’s a story?!


It makes perfect sense.
A *huge* amount of their marketing goes into virtue signaling.
It’s NOT a bad game, don’t get me wrong, but conveying the social agenda (and conveying that they are doing this deliberately) takes up a lot of their cultural bandwidth.

Totally makes sense that they want to ‘script’ that a little more cohesively.

Melissa McDonald

a writer from Tiger Beat should do nicely for that game.


Overwatch being the frankenstein-like, unliving monster shocked into unlife from the remnants of project titan, I’d say if they wanted a creative writer or just about anybody else, they had all the manpower they wanted from the original team.

Ship has sailed, they probably just aim for more promotional material/transmedia synergy or whatever the operative keyword is nowadays. With that amount of cash they invest on the e-sport side of the game they could hire Edgar Allan Poe and the cohort of necromancers required to pull him back from beyond the veil if they truly wished

Dun worry luv, cavalry’s here… quoth the raven.


Considering they do co-op PvE story content (Gonna be yearly through the one event, possibly new ones) with comics and cinematics; I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility that they are just being hired for those things.