Black Desert’s Arsha PvP server is live today, while absolute skills for all classes go live next week

Brand-new PvP server Arsha is live as promised in Black Desert today. It’s running an alternative ruleset with “notably increased defense” stats, extra debuff immunities, altered damage calculations, and no world bosses. The intent, Kakao says, is “to enable fairer, less one-sided fights.” Just remember: “PvP between Characters (including Forced PvP) will be free from all penalties” unless you’re already saddled with an evil karma rating.

But the bigger news coming out of the South Korean import today is its plans for absolute skills.

“Over the last two years, all 15 available classes received the first awakening weapon that provided Black Desert Online players with a whole new way to play their characters,” Kakao explains. “It unlocked new powerful combos, fighting styles and tactical advantages that made each class more diverse, but it also meant that many players diverted away from their main weapon skills. To rival the awakening weapons, Pearl Abyss has developed the Absolute Skills which balances the original main weapon with regards to damage output, giving players unprecedented freedom and a huge array of combat tactics to overcome even the toughest challenge.”

All characters level 56 and up – and more importantly, all 15 classes – will have access to these skills as of next week’s patch on February 28th.

Source: Patch notes, press release
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En Grosse

Still a PvE server missing, could bring back tens of thousands of players ^^

Toy Clown

Since the release of the server, this is the first day I’ve been able to find a rotation at Fogans open, and the first day someone didn’t try to kill my character on the road for the “lulz”. I’m hoping those jobbers stay on the new server!


Looking forward to revisiting some of the characters whose awakening I really couldn’t get into. The first 56 levels on Maewha as a swordsman were a lot of fun, but never could enjoy the spear based combat


Hey, you got the big news right this week! Congrats Bree!

Arsha PvP server is interesting with the new defensive changes. Certain defensive classes potentially have the ability to be basically invulnerable there because of their ability to recover. The fact they removed the normal PvP server without the defensive changes has people reacting with mixed views as they liked the karma free server with normal PvP rules.

The Absolute skills are very interesting because some classes require pre-awakening abilities to function/flow well for their damage. Great examples are Sorcs and Tamers, both of which should see big boosts in performance post Awakening. As a Wizard I’m also very excited as we had an amazing tool kill pre-awakening and it’ll be nice for all that to be relevant again.

However post Awakening debacle back in ’16 I’m skeptical we’ll actually get all 15 at once. They said the same thing for Awakenings, only to pull the rug out from us at the last minute and instead give them to us slowly. I’m hopeful, but still expecting the worst.