Conan Exiles isn’t going the lockbox and battle royale route – for now


Are you a little sick and tired of lockboxes everywhere and all of these games desperately trying to jump onto the battle royale bandwagon? It might be of some small comfort that Funcom has no immediate plans to add either to Conan Exiles (although “never say never” and all that).

Creative Director Joel Bylos addressed these issues and more in an interview with PC Gamer. Now that Conan Exiles is just two-and-a-half months from official release, Bylos said that the team is working hard to making the whole package work, even if it means cutting content.

Bylos was asked several questions about the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and how it could impact Conan Exiles’ profile. “You just do your thing and make things that are unique and interesting,” he said. “In terms of press attention, it’s always hard to get press attention when there’s a pretty girl at the ball. PUBG is definitely the pretty girl at the ball this year.”

When asked about the future of the survival sandbox genre, Bylos hedged: “That’s an interesting question. I don’t know. I feel like these things are all relevant. The MMO genre was really strong for a while, and then it became sort of fractured, and were broken down into MOBAs, battle royale-style things etc. MMOs at one point tried to do everything at once. We now have games that cater to just PvP or just crafting, these very specialised splinter games that do those small percentages of things very well.”

Source: PC Gamer
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