Conan Exiles on the new teleportation system and de-MMORPG-ifying combat


May 8th seems pretty far away to me, but I bet Funcom is feeling Conan Exiles’ impending launch is rushing up to meet it. In its most recent newsletter, the studio says its various teams are hard at work on memory leak repairs, UI fixes, the temperature system, new clothing and outfits, first-person perspective animations, engine optimizations, the monster revamp, and of course, the combat system.

“The old combat system was more like an MMORPG than an action game, where a creature would stand in front of you and attack. Under the new paradigm we plan to make creature attacks more varied, with better anticipation time and ‘tells’ so you’ll know what comes next. [… ] We have a vision of what Conan Exiles should be, which might differ from your vision of what Conan Exiles should be, and our job as a developer is to merge the two into a coherent whole. Game development is normally a closed process, but because we opted for Early Access we also had to make sure that the community had a voice. The new combat system is a direct consequence of this interaction that fits in with the Conan vision.”

Funcom also talks a bit more about its teleportation system, which it announced last week. “We always talked about doing teleportation as part of the sorcery system, and since mounts aren’t making it into the game for launch, we wanted to create a way for players to cut down on on-foot travel time,” the studio explains. “The Map Room, which is a placeable you can build, is our solution. By building a Map Room in your base you can travel to special obelisks you’ve discovered in the Exiled Lands. To build it you’ll need to find the recipe out in the Exiled Lands and when you teleport or get close to the obelisks you will gain corruption, cutting down on your max health and stamina.”

We’ve previously covered Funcom’s stated plan to not ape battle royale games or inject lockboxes into the game, as well as the list of content bits that are being cut or delayed to make that May launch, including mounts and pets, the settlement system, and the sorcery system.

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Stkmks Returns

Given what they cut from the launch im disappointed i bought this. More so from the last livestream the issues seem to be funcom the business related, not standard development mistakes (though there were those as well.. a bad decision is why no mounts).

If you look at every other game they’ve done.. the only way those cut features are going to come is based on whether post console launch the income meets their “kpi”‘s… promises or plans are not the principle.

EDIT: From the livestream before that though, i think what screwed them up was choosing to launch on both consoles at once, they didn’t anticipate the work for 2 platforms and that ate all their development for roadmap features.


I mostly liked SWL and I know Massively seems to like CE, so I would be willing to give it a try after it officially releases, providing I can find a server with plenty of other players on it.

Kickstarter Donor

Wait…so the combat system in AoC has more depth than this?… >.>


The combat system in AoC is probably one of the best Funcom has done. It would be even better with better controls for it.


Hmm that was a slightly weird thing to say about combat…

I get what he “meant” but lot of fully-fledged MMORPGs have been moving away from the traditional setup he canonized for years now, injecting telegraphs and action elements in their systems. The way he words it sounds as if he was trying to compare Exiles to the landscape as it was ten-fifteen years ago rather.

I suppose their new paradigm sees the game more as Monster Hunter now?


That would actually be a pretty huge step up, wouldn’t it? I haven’t jumped in EA in several months now, but the combat system they had was just dull

Kawaii Five-O

Monsters in CE already had telegraphs and could be dodged/moved away from if timed right.

What he’s talking about is, that like in MMOs, the monsters will just stand in front of the player and do those attacks with maybe the occasional leap back to do a ranged attack.

The only open world MMO I can think of where enemies will actively move all around and away from the player (and aren’t scripted boss fights) is TERA.

Dug From The Earth

Do they have a way yet to group up with a friend? I just remember trying to hook up with a friend in this game being a total pain in the arse.