Crowfall delves deeper into crypts with its latest video Q&A

And then you're DEAD in the GROUND.

Are you still struggling to wrap your mind around the way that Crowfall’s new Crypt system is going to work as character selection? The team has been working overtime to explain the system, but you can get another explanation and demonstration with the latest community Q&A video just below. That includes a rundown of the system and the way that the Crypt system interacts with the various campaign world rules (short version: it’s another dial for campaign worlds, like everything else).

You can also get a glimpse of the lady centaur model, new environments, new cairns, and the usual array of questions taken direct from players. Fair warning, as always, the video below runs for more than an hour. If you’re looking for quick, punchy information, you might be disappointed. But if you’d like to see how Crypts work, this is your opportunity.

Source: YouTube

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He’s wearing a cute cat tee. I cannot concentrate on what’s going on behind him when he’s wearing a cute cat tee.

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Still needs substance, the worlds still feel empty and no amount of forced pvp will help that.


There’s no “forced” pvp when the whole game is revolving around pvp. You either subscribe to the game’s premise or not. Simple as that.