RIFT Prime progression server launches March 7, with pack preorders available now


Can you believe RIFT’s been around for almost seven years? Neither can we. Trion is celebrating by releasing the long-awaited progression server, RIFT Prime, on March 7th. The server will be open to players who pay for RIFT’s otherwise optional subscription fee, though you can get a jump on paying with the $29.99 Primogenitor Pack, also announced and preorderable today.

“The Primogenitor Pack contains 30 days of Patron and two additional 15-day Patron vouchers that can be given to friends to prep them prior to the server going live or used on alts. The pack also has a Cloak of the Void, a ‘Primogenitor’ prefix title, an Armored White War Tiger mount, and a Rift Prime portrait frame; these four items are specific to the Prime-created character and can only be used in RIFT Prime!”

While there isn’t a posted schedule of how the server’s content unlocks, Trion did say that it will last for about a year. The good news is that Prime characters will be transferred over to normal servers when the shard comes to an end, which is a change from the studio’s original stance of ending those characters at the conclusion.

RIFT Prime characters can transfer to RIFT live servers at the end of the Prime server’s content schedule,” Trion posted in its FAQ. “We intend this server to run for at least a year of progression, so there’s no rush. There will be absolutely no charge for this service.”

The studio is currently running a #NameRiftPrime contest, asking players to submit proposed names for the server. The winning server name will be announced March 2nd.

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, Clowd.
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