Armored Warfare has launched for the PlayStation 4

It would be more interesting if there were some actual ghosts involved.

Lock and load: Armored Warfare is now out on the PlayStation 4, giving console fans the option to try out a more contemporary tank shooter. released the title live for all players to download as a free-to-play game. While Armored Warfare is available to everyone on the PS4, PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab a free bonus bundle that contains a unique LAV-150 90 vehicles with a PlayStation skin, one day of premium time, 500,000 game credit, and 500 gold.

Armored Warfare offers a mix of PvP and PvE modes with modern tanks roaring across maps. Players can choose either co-op missions against an enemy AI or fight in PvP bouts against each other on the game’s various maps.

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John Mclain

Just don’t bother to try this on the PC, as the game is quite literally dead on the PC, a few hundred people worldwide still play it, so you won’t find matches outside weekend primetime, and even then you may end up waiting an hour or more.

It’s a shame, it was rather fun as I remember back after launch, much better than world of tanks. They must have screwed something up on a cosmic scale to have lost to it.

Melissa McDonald

Wondering how PvE works in a war game. Kill 10 rats? ROFL. I’ve not played this but would be curious to hear how it compares to World of Tanks (which I genuinely love).


PvE mode is basically scenario matches. One example being an oil refinery has been assaulted and captured by enemy forces. You and your squad are mercs who have been hired to take it back. You shoot up the NPC tanks on the way to the refinery with some secondary objectives like shooting radar trucks. Once you get to the refinery you have to clear it out and then defend the main courtyard for a few minutes before attack chopper backup arrives to secure the area. I found it to be quite fun tbh.

There’s no player base on PC though. Last time I tried to start up a match there were 9 players in the queue and couldn’t get a match started. PvP had literally 0 people in queue. I never played WoT so I can’t compare, but there’s no point in playing Armored Warfare as no one plays it on PC. You should stick with WoT.