Ashes of Creation cranks out a new website, has two secret in-universe projects in the works


Out with the old and in with the new… website, that is. Intrepid Studios wasn’t content with the previous version of Ashes of Creation’s┬ástudio web presence, electing to overhaul the site with a brand-new version that is now live.

In the studio’s press release, Intrepid mentioned that it was hiring for at least six additional position including a senior game designer and a senior producer. The studio also said that it’s working on a pair of secret, in-universe projects as well as the fantasy MMORPG.

“Intrepid is also currently planning two unannounced projects within the Ashes of Creation universe,” the studio said. “Information on both projects will be revealed at a later date.” Creative Director Steven Sharif underscored this by hinting at “big plans” that will be revealed later this year.

Source: Press release
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