Ashes of Creation cranks out a new website, has two secret in-universe projects in the works

Out with the old and in with the new… website, that is. Intrepid Studios wasn’t content with the previous version of Ashes of Creation’s studio web presence, electing to overhaul the site with a brand-new version that is now live.

In the studio’s press release, Intrepid mentioned that it was hiring for at least six additional position including a senior game designer and a senior producer. The studio also said that it’s working on a pair of secret, in-universe projects as well as the fantasy MMORPG.

“Intrepid is also currently planning two unannounced projects within the Ashes of Creation universe,” the studio said. “Information on both projects will be revealed at a later date.” Creative Director Steven Sharif underscored this by hinting at “big plans” that will be revealed later this year.

Source: Press release
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Mobile fighting game and PC economy/Civ like game?
Isn’t it a bit early to diversify?

Toy Clown

In the shadows of the article about why women are a growing playerbase and why we put up with what we do in MMOs…

Why do they only have one woman on staff and she’s the Customer Service Representative? Comparing that to (as an example) GW2’s development team, they have a lot of women and people from different cultures. I’m worried about AoCs staff and what it says about the company. There’s hardly any racial or sexual diversity.


>sexual diversity

Steven Sharif is a gay man and he owns the entire project, you pogostick buttfucker. What more do you want? Everyone else to be trans, obese, have Magic the Gathering player body odor, and blue-haired with ugly side shave haircuts?

We get it that you’re unfuckable and at the bottom rung of the social ladder, so you need to accrue all the social power you can to feel better about yourself. But in the name of Martin Luther King who asked for people to be judged by the content of their character and not the checkboxes they tick, stop ruining everything you touch already.


I miss the days when people didn’t really care about this stuff. When a companys merits weren’t based on race or sex, but because they’ve put out, or are putting out a good product. Diversity is nice, but it’s not a necessity to put out a quality product; something which I believe the developers should focus heavily on.

The right tool for the right job, whether it be man, woman, purple people eater, whatever.

Jon-Enee Merriex

I had (have) a similar concern, however, I think it is important to note that since their Kickstarter (which featured mainly straight, cis-, white males) they have started racially diversifying and I think that should at least be noted.

I personally just sent a number of my female developer friends their jobs posting. One tough thing for a smaller / newer studio to do is to attract a diverse crowd in the first place. So hopefully that can help them.


Conversely, a small, unproven studio has bigger priorities than the optics of their team photos, so they’re probably more focused on hiring the best talent they can get, regardless of gender or skin color.

I applaud what you did, but I think it’s just as important to bear in mind that if they’re passed over in favor of male candidates, it’s more likely because the studio decided those candidates would be better for the job than because of sexism.


Give me the *good* programmers, artists, etc. I couldn’t care less what race, sex, orientation, whatever they are.

En Grosse

Mobile Games of course, more money ^^

Kickstarter Donor

Here’s hoping for some art or lore books. I have a bunch of game art books like WoW, Final Fantasy, Zelda, etc; and lore books like Warcraft Chronicles and other book books.


I was hoping the game website would be updated but I guess not. Hopefully that’s next because it’s a mess. The resolution on some of the pages doesn’t even match and requires me to scroll far to the right which is odd.

It’s nice they updated the company site to something more professional, but I wonder why so many companies go with that scroll down to see everything style. I honestly can’t stand it. I much prefer having separate pages for everything.

Brother Maynard

Also the content of the website is severly lacking. The only thing that works somewhat is the forum. The whole AoC website is very overdue for a major rework and needs much more attention from the studio behind it.

Kickstarter Donor

Hmmmm, new projects… seems odd to start new projects before generating revenue.

Kickstarter Donor

Maybe they are low investment projects to generate revenue… maybe books about the universe like WoW and GW2 has done. Maybe art books.

Does seem a little weird though.

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Darasimi Makinde

Man I’d love some in-universe books!