Crowfall’s concept art attempts to capture the spirit of conquest, building, and exploration

Tiptoe through the something-or-other.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Crowfall just spat out a 3,000-word essay in full technicolor. The art team behind this upcoming PvP MMO pumped out a trio of paintings that attempt to capture the three primary pillars of the game.

“The pillar word behind the first piece is conquest,” said ArtCraft, “fulfilling the role of the Mercenary, Warlord, or Monarch. The pillar word behind the second piece is build, the drive to become a bastion of harvesting and crafting, a kingpin of merchants and trade. For the third and final piece, the pillar word is exploration, the feeling of anticipation and exhilaration that drives one to press on through dense forest and over steep mountains.”

If time-lapse art creation is oddly mesmerizing to you, then gaze upon what waits you after the break.

Source: Crowfall
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While I love all the walls of text, dev chats and pretty pictures surrounding the game, I can’t help but feel its all fluffy “maybe’s.” PVP combat gameplay is fun, everything else is VERY lackluster. The eve online time to skill system is not my cup of tea and neither is the very generic small world(s) and environmental assets (or lack thereof). I feel the game has no identity. It reminds me of a small open world moba brawler, where the mmo aspects reside on the ability to scale your moba character purely based on timesink and the amount of cash in your wallet.

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The fact that there’s an exploration/gathering focus in this game makes it more and more appealing. And I love the concept art for this game so much. I’m so glad they’re using bright colors and not trying for hyper-realistic.


The time lapse video is great, love seeing stuff like that, it’s amazing to actually see the talent in action, rather than just the final piece.

Unfortunately for Crowfall, each piece of artwork I see from them drives me further from the game. I always get the impression that the art style for CF is stuck in the ’80s which just doesn’t work for me. Hopefully the finished game will be better, but I’m not holding my breath.


Dave Greco is one of my favorites in the industry. The only team that holds a candle to him is Camelot Unchained.


That’s so amazing.