Just Survive patches in construction improvements and looks forward to account-wide progression


Construction has gotten better in Just Survive with the game’s most recent patch. For one thing, you can more quickly repair base damage with the stronghold hammer after a raid. For another, players will no longer be able to take out one support to collapse the upper floors of a base, making upper levels more resilient as well. There are also weapon tier changes, new construction options, and new Flashback Crates because you simply must have some new lootbox options.

But what about the future of the game? The most recent producer’s letter has also come out, revealing that players can look forward to some as-yet-undisclosed form of account progression coming in the future. There are also plans for new quest and event content to enhance the survival aspect of the game along with the PvP mechanics. Check out the full letter to get a sense of where the game goes from here, possibly while chilling on the upper floor of your more sturdy base.

Source: Patch Notes, Producer’s Letter; thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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“revealing that players can look forward to some as-yet-undisclosed form”

Because that is something you really need to keep a secret.

OR – it doesn’t exist and has never been discussed by the team or anyone else.

You decide.

Kickstarter Donor

Heh, think of the Irony if the shooter side gets shut down because no one plays it, while the DayZ part that Daybreak has been trying to drown in the creek out back takes off now that the bullshit competitive aspects aren’t bogging it down.


I think they would have a better chance at success if they decided to recreate EQ1 using Forgelight with this team rather than continuing to build this game up. I know that won’t happen so i hope this game doesn’t flop.