Old School RuneScape turns five, kicks off $20000 prize pool tourney


It’s time for parties and cake in Old School RuneScape. That’s because the throwback version of the game is turning five years old today. Pretty soon the throwback’s gonna need a throwback! I wasn’t kidding about the party, by the way:

Old School RuneScape is five years old today, and in celebration of this monumental achievement we’ve got a special event for you to enjoy in-game! […] Help us in celebrating 5 years of Old School RuneScape by heading to the Falador Party room. There you will meet Da Vinci, who by chance, requires some assistance with finishing his painting! The event will remain in-game until the 15th March, giving you plenty of time to lend a helping hand and grab yourself some new holiday rewards!”

Jagex is running a stream today at 2 p.m. EST on its new Twitch channel, where it’ll tease next month’s $20,000-prize 2000-man PvP event. The studio is also rolling out a long list of quality-of-life changes, including tweaks to taps, auto-retaliation, PvP teleportation, and bounty hunter target penalties. Happy 5th birthday, Old School RuneScape!

Source: Official site, press release

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Picked this up just 10 days ago and enjoying it a lot, so far.

It’s cool that they have added this old school option and are even creating new content for it (both quality of life improvements and new actual content). Here’s hoping WoW Classic will be so successful that Blizz will do the same there!